Islamorada Fishing Boat Report about the Captain Michael for August 2015

The summer seas are in full swing, meaning the winds are calmer and the water is clearer. While the summer produces some of the calmest seas, it also makes for some of the hardest fishing. Our reef fish are smarter than they appear. The clarity in the water will sometimes slow the bite down. When this happens proper tackle is key!. The biggest help you can get is by using some fluorocarbon. This is a type of tackle that helps the line disappear in the water. Helping to neutralize the clarity of the water for the angler. Our Pro’s Choice Tackle Shop is a great place to stop and pick up some useful gear and information.

The clarity of the water does allow for some positives. It makes for awesome trips during the day time! We have been seeing a lot of seas life swimming in the water given the clarity. When you come out and visit the Capt. Michael be sure to keep an eye out on the water. You may just spot a sea turtle, shark or everyone’s favorite, some dolphin! Our night trip has been sliding some nice catches given that the mangroves have started to spawn! These tasty fish spend the day spawning and need to refuel at night, making the night bite more active. Right now our night trips come with a complimentary sunset!

Islamorada Backcountry Fishing Report for August 2015

We are moving into the latter days of summer and the warmer days of August, but things are still hot in the beautiful fishing waters surrounding the Upper Keys. Right now the water in the bay, the Atlantic side front flats and the Everglades Park are calm and teaming with all types of fishing action. Big Tarpon are strong around the main Keys and in the backcountry and will remain that way well in to late October when the return migration kicks in.

Many people think Tarpon are only available for fishing in the spring and early summer, but the smaller tarpon and some larger ones remain in the Keys waters well past the spring dates, during the return migration period and through the winter months. In fact, Tarpon fishing can be excellent year round when you fish with guides that know where the local residential Tarpon swim (view Robbie’s streaming videos of Tarpon to see they are always here). Fishing for Trout, Permit, Redfish, Bonefish, Snapper varieties, many types of sharks and other fish has been good for anglers over the last few weeks and will continue. Barracuda are also around for great action on plugs and live baits. As the waters start to cool in the fall you will see a lot more action for Redfish, Snook and Bonefish as they start roaming the flats more frequently. Currently Redfish and Snook are in deeper runoffs and holes around the Mangrove islands found in the Everglades Park and at some bridges. They will remain there until the waters cool.

In the end, fishing is always great in the Keys anytime of the year, you don’t even have to have any past experience as an angler, so come on down and have fun.