I Went on a Key Lime Pie Road Trip with My Dad

After months of deliberation, my father and I finally settled on the Florida Keys for our long-overdue father-daughter trip. The decision was primarily made due to its neutral proximity for us flying in from opposite coasts. Plus, it was just a place both of us had always wanted to go.

Our route would take us roughly 100 miles from Key Largo to Kew West via US 1, aka the Overseas Highway. This iconic two-lane road with 42 (!!!) bridges is one of the most scenic: Imagine limestone islets, working docks and marinas, and the most beautiful shades of aqua marine water you’ve ever seen.

It is also one of the most delicious — so long as you love key lime pie. It is almost impossible to drive this route and not notice the plethora of signs and stores selling key lime products, every single one of which touts their pie as either “The Best Key Lime Pie,” or “The Original Key Lime Pie.”

My Key Lime Pie Road Trip with My Dad

1. Key Largo: Snappers

On the first night of our trip, a breezy April night, we were sitting at the bar of Snappers, a convivial beachside locale best known for their locally caught seafood. Of course, we had to order the homemade key lime pie — and it definitely lived up to expectations. As we were about to head out, the couple across the bar chimed in.

“If you like that pie, you have to head down to mile marker 92 to The Giraffe,” the woman, whose name we learned was Melanie, told us.

“No, no, Mr. C’s is better, everything’s homemade, even the ice cream,” her husband, Louis, said.

Tasting Notes: Pie was served with whipped cream. Very simple, perfect texture, not too sweet, not too tart.

2. Tavernier: Blonde Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory

The next day, heeding our new friend’s advice, our first pit stop was the Blond Giraffein Tavernier. The owners, Tania Beguinati and Roberto Madeira, use a secret family recipe passed down from Tania’s grandmother in Brazil, and the pie has earned accolades that include “best key lime pie,” by the Key Lime Pie Festival and Florida Monthly Magazine.

So how was it? The filling was creamy and sweet with just a touch of tang, and the cornmeal crust was delicate and flaky. But it was the billowy mound of meringue on top of the pie that was the game-changer. Apparently, meringue is a subject of some debate (with or without is a never-ending feud around these parts), but we were hooked.


Not only that, but we knew we needed to try more pies. Our road trip had officially become a quest to taste the best slice of key lime pie in the Florida Keys.

Tasting Notes: The big difference here is pies are served with meringue on top.

3. Islamorada: The Green Turtle Inn

Eleven miles south, our next stop was The Green Turtle Inn in Islamorada. “The Turtle,” as it’s known locally, has been an Islamorada institution since 1947 and was made even more famous by Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

We ordered a couple cups of turtle chowder (sorry, turtles) and a slice of key lime pie for the road. The macadamia nut Rice Krispies crust was unconventional; the filling was dense and sweet; and it came with a dollop of whipped cream, berry syrup, and a side of strawberries.

Tasting Notes: Good, but didn’t need the strawberry jam.

4. Islamorada: Hungry Tarpon

Only a few miles south, at marker 77 to be exact, we stopped for lunch at the Hungry Tarpon whose local specialties include conch fritters, mahi tacos, and, of course, key lime pie. The real winner here we decided was the conch and tacos, along with the chance to watch eager tourists feed the Goliath-sized tarpons in the adjoining marina.

Tasting Notes: Pie here was good, with graham cracker crust and whipped cream.

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Islamorada Offshore Fishing Report 7/4/2017

Hello, Capt. Skye here with Blue Heaven Charters out of Robbie’s Marina with our weekly Fishing Reports. June was a stellar month for Mahi-Mahi fishing! It’s the best I can remember for about 15 years. We are catching 30 to 40 Dolphins a day, with some being close to 40 pounds! This week we caught five fish more than 20 pounds with the biggest at 38 pounds. There are more Schoolies (smaller dolphins less than 5 pounds) than we know what to do with. This makes for an action packed, non-stop day of CATCHING!

Suns out Slammers out!! A beautiful Mahi caught by the Richey Family.

Pompano Mahi
A rare Pompano-Dolphin caught this week aboard the Blue Heaven.

One of two Sailfish caught on the Blue Heaven THIS WEEK!!

Lots of Sailfish offshore. This week we had a doubleheader (two Sailfish on at once) on in about 2,500 feet of water. We usually catch our limit in Mahi-Mahi and then start trolling and that’s when we start to see the Sailfish or Blue Marlin. We can’t wait to get you out on the water!! Happy Fourth of July!! – Capt. Skye Stanley of Blue Heaven Charters

The fishing gods have been kind the DirtyBoat crew and clients this week. Good fortune and some skill landed some really great quality fish, and a variety of species at that.

Most days we fished offshore, hunting for Mahi-Mahi under diving birds and floating debris. This year we have been able to find several large schools … and catch plenty of them! Even though most of the Mahi have been small, we have been able to capitalize on several bigger fish this season. One day we even hooked into a 300lb+ Blue Marlin!!

Another exciting event this week was participating in the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame 2017 Fishing Tournament. We fished hard all day, catching only one fish to weigh until the very last moment when we hooked into a large King Mackerel. We were able to get the fish to the weigh-in with only minutes to spare. Our fish ended up weighing the most in the Calcutta for biggest Kingfish, Tuna or Wahoo. It was a great feeling to get on the board and have our photo taken with a big check! Go Team DirtyBoat!! See more results here: http://www.canesfish.com/results.html

Tuna fishing has been productive as well. We’ve been catching the heck out of the smaller ones on the troll with Captain Galon’s handmade flying fish. They swim great and always get the bite!! Make sure you give him a call and get your hands on some ASAP. He can be reached via Instagram at http://instagram.com/gotimecharters. We’ve also been catching some monsters on live bait. Most of them weighing in between 25 and 30lbs each!

Reef fishing this time of year hasn’t been the most popular, most likely because it’s been very hot most days, plus the Mahi fishing has been so successful. We have done a few half days here and there, resulting in some of the largest Yellowtail Snappers we’ve seen in a long time. We’ve also caught some really nice Mutton Snapper to top off the cooler.

There have also been a few Sailfish around the reef. We actually caught a nice one on a 16lb spinning outfit today!

Give us a call or visit our website to book your next Islamorada fishing trip with us! We will do our best to show you a good time and catch a bunch of fish!

Captain Joe Saba and Captain Kit Carson
The DirtyBoat