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Sunset Cruise

Robbie’s of Islamorada offers Sunset Cruises aboard Blue, a 100+ passenger catamaran. Blue offers a cruise through the Florida Bay serving complimentary beer and champagne for the adults and refreshments for the rest of the family! We also offer private charters for special occasions such as weddings and larger group events.

Sunset Cruise Rates:
Adult $42​
Child $29


Eco-Tours / Private Sunset Cruises

KeyZ Charters


Captain Sam

KeyZ Charters
21′ Deck Boat

Take a private tour with Captain Sam on her 21’ deck boat. You can choose from many different tours, including:

  • Explore the mangroves of Florida Bay on an Ecotour.
  • Snorkel the offshore coral reef.
  • Party on the sandbar just offshore.
  • Just cruise around and enjoy the view or watch the sunset
  • Or create your own trip, combining activities. Each trip can be customized to fulfill your desires, be they a specific destination, a catered picnic, a birthday or anniversary celebration or…

Robbie’s Eco-Tours are a perfect way to experience the raw beauty and wonder of the Florida Bay. Our two-hour trips take you on an excursion through passages among the sea grass beds that rim the many protected shallow bays. We take you among the hundreds of small, uninhabited mangrove and hardwood hammock islands, which host an amazing variety of wildlife and create the island network of the Florida Bay.

Like nature, our Eco-Tours are not scripted. Rather, we will follow your interests, stopping along the way to describe any natural occurrence that presents itself, often at such close distance that binoculars are just in the way. Our guides have a very well-developed understanding of what makes this part of Earth work, and enjoy sharing their knowledge to educate and inform you. Robbie’s offers Eco Tours, Historical Excursions and Nature Watch Sunsets.


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