Lobster Trap Art by Glenn and Nadine

The art of Nadine and Glenn Lahti features tropical, nautical, and colorful island style original oil and acrylic paintings and prints of seascapes, colorful local island landscapes, tropical birds and fish, and nautical landmarks of Key West, Islamorada, Key Largo and the Florida Keys. Their style is unique and it is featured in galleries throughout the Florida Keys, from Key West to Key Largo.

Nadine’s art is focused on tropical birds and marine life in the Keys. Her colorful oil and acrylic paintings and prints are all available on our web site. In our custom lobster trap picture frames they look stunning. The nautical picture frames compliment the marine birds, animals and fish she paints. The picture frames themselves are a work of art and are as unique as the original paintings!

Glenn focuses on colorful and tropical seascapes, nautical landmarks, and other marine related “Keysy” style art. Key West landmarks are very much a part of Glenn’s original art. Key West lighthouse, the Southernmost Point, and Hemingway House are just a few of the historic Florida Keys scenes he paints. Glenn then puts his work in the custom built lobster trap picture frames and the combination is hard to beat!

The lobster trap wood we build our picture frames from comes from the pristine waters of the Florida Keys. This beautiful marine environment ages the wood to make each frame a unique piece of art. These picture frames are all hand built, one at a time, and are about as nautical as you can get. They look great with the artwork of Nadine and Glenn but can also be purchased separately for your own artwork.

To order any of the works you see, contact us at store@robbies.com.