Captain Joe Saba & Captain Kit Carson

Dirty Boat

DirtyBoat Captain Joe Saba was born and raised in South Florida. His love affair with everything salty started with snorkeling for lobster off the family property just south of here when he was 5 years old.
He has been a staple at Robbie’s in Islamorada for years, starting as a mate on the Captain Michael Party Boat at 16. As he gained more and more experience, he made the transition to offshore mate. Now skippering his own boat, his many years of experience on Islamorada Lady and Islamorada Lady II have proven invaluable.
Captain Joe’s DirtyBoat is a 46’ Hatteras with an enclosed cabin providing comfortable seating and a walk-in bathroom. DirtyBoat’s large cockpit can fish as many as six anglers comfortably, and includes wrap-around seating outside.
A day on the open sea with Joe will not soon be forgotten. He is a people person and enjoys putting people on the fish.
Whether he is catching dolphin in the summer or sailfish in the winter, Joe will show you a great time every time.

Captain Kit Carson

From software engineer to Captain: The best decision of my life to date.

I am most thankful for each and every day since the fall of 2015 to go out on the water and fish. Yes, it’s hard work and the hours are long. But at the end of the day, knowing I have helped people live their dreams of landing that one big fish or even just catching a few for dinner makes it all worth it. It’s a sincere privilege.

No, it’s not for everyone. There have been sacrifices on this journey — cutting short family vacations or not taking vacations at all, foregoing coveted weekends, skipping exciting Saturday nights on the town, being gone from loved ones days or weeks at a time.

Being a Captain isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. Getting out of bed every morning at 5 o’clock to be on the water 8 to 12 hours takes a toll on the body and mind. When all of the elements are against us, you can rest assured we will go the extra mile and do whatever it takes — from sunup to sundown — to make your day a memorable one.

A client once told me the DirtyBoat is in the business of creating memories. I couldn’t agree more. Our motto: Making Memories That Last a Lifetime!

Our goal: The fish story you’ll tell friends and family the rest of your life!

In this short time I’ve worked with Joe, my life has changed completely and forever. The people I’ve met, the relationships I’ve made, the fish we’ve caught and the lessons I’ve learned will never be taken for granted. I want to express my deep gratitude and thank sincerely each and every person who has make it possible for me to do what I love, what I do best.
And to those of you looking for a boat and crew to take you out on the beautiful open waters off Islamorada to make your special memories, please consider me and Captain Joe for the privilege. I know you will come away with the same thrill, the same emotion, the same fulfillment I do every trip.



Capt. Galon Johnson

“Go Time”

Captain Galon Johnson is the Captain of the Go Time, a 26′ World Cat that is capable to accommodate up to six people comfortably. Originally from Jackson Tennessee, Johnson has been fishing his entire life. He received his first fishing license on the day he was born with fishing in his heart. Captain Galon has been fishing in Islamorada and the Florida Keys for many years and is very experienced in all aspects. He started as a Party Boat Mate, learning the Reef and Wrecks of Islamorada then he moved on to Offshore Charters where he fished for Dolphin, Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish and more. Whether you want to catch Yellowtail Snapper on the Reef or head Offshore for the Sailfish and Dolphin of your dreams, Captain Galon is well experienced and will put you on the fish.

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Capt. Skye Stanley

“Blue Heaven”

Captain Stanley has fished from the docks of Islamorada and the Florida Keys all his life. Starting off on the “Kalex” Charter Boat with Captain Alex Adler at Bud n’ Mary’s Marina at the tender age of 12, he worked his way from Swab, to Mate, to Captain. He has worked on every tournament from back country fishing and kids tournaments, to the International Billfish Release Extreme Tournament in the Caribbean. He mated for Capt. Billy Knowles in the Islamorada Sailfish Fly Tournament in which they took first place with Ed Liccione as angler. Today, Skye is owner and operator of Blue Heaven, a fully-rigged and ready 32′ REGULATOR, open fisherman, offshore charter boat located at Robbie’s Marina. Powered by twin 250 HP Yamaha 4 stroke engines, Blue Heaven gets you to fishing fast. It has all the latest electronics including GPS, depth finder, ELT, and VHF. Plus a tower for better fish spotting, a big live well set up for bait, fresh and saltwater wash down, and marine head (toilet).

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Capt. Arek Wojick

“Fishin Pole”

I was born and raised in southeastern Poland where my Daddy handed me a fishing pole instead of a rattle. By the age of 12, my Dad and I had fished the Vistula River for brown trout, into the 10,000 Lakes region in northeastern Poland for perch and carp, and then straight into the Baltic Sea where we would reel in cod, mackerel and salmon. After years of cold-water fishing, I headed for the warm water of Florida where I’ve been offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic since 1995. Now I navigate my craft, the “Fishin’ Pole,” off the Florida Keys where I hunt down dolphin, swordfish, Wahoo and a variety of bottom species! What’s more, if you’re not looking to just crank in a fish the mates caught for you and you actually want to learn something, I’m ready and willing to take the time to share some of my own fish-hookin’ know-how with you. Whether you’re an experienced sport fisherman or not, I’ll make sure your experience on the “Fishin’ Pole” will make you feel like an Ol’ Salt! Call me when you are ready to get your hands bloody, and let’s kill some fish.

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Capt. Brian Cone


Say Hello to Brian Cone, Captain of the Contagious, a very well-equipped 34-foot Freeman especially suited to provide smooth and comfortable travel to the best fishing spots in the ocean waters off Islamorada. Even the roughest days will be smooth on the Contagious! In the Florida Keys, Captain Brian Cone has gained a reputation as the hot hand when it comes to offshore fishing. When you fish on the Contagious you not only catch fish, but you learn a whole lot about Cone’s techniques and what makes him so good as an expert at finding the fish. His passion and intensity for fishing and his easy way with customers, young and old, will surely make your day on the water a memory you will never forget! Captain Brian was raised in the Keys exploring the ocean since he was just a little tyke. After graduating from college, Brian couldn’t wait to get back to the Florida Keys and his real love – fishing! As a kid, he got to know many of the local captains who knew how to go that extra mile and come back with record-book catches. Cone learned well from them. Now, still in his early 30s, he’s the one that fishermen young and old love to listen to! His early times spent on the ocean gave him a special understanding and love of the water and turned a passion into a very rewarding career. Cone has been featured on ESPN and in many fishing publications, including Saltwater Sportsman, Center Console, and Men’s Journal. Ever since he was a young teenager, Cone’s name has been found at the top of the leader board at local fishing tournaments with great frequency. Book a trip with Brian on the Contagious! You are sure to have a great day on the water.

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Capt. Brian McCadie


25’ Parker

My name is Capt. Brian McCadie. I am 33 years old and have been professionally fishing the Keys since I was 19. I now proudly fish aboard my 25 foot Parker out of Robbie’s Marina. After mating and captaining in Marathon, Key West and the Dry Tortugas I spent my first 8 years in Islamorada captaining boats for Robbie’s Marina including the Capt. Michael and Islamorada Lady II. I now run my own boat where I focus on making sure my customers have a great time by not only producing fantastic catches, but by letting you do the fishing! I firmly believe that when you go fishing you should have a fishing rod in your hands and feel the fish hit the bait. In addition to a tower for sailfish, cobia, mahi and permit fishing, my boat has 99 sq. feet of room on the stern for your whole family or group to comfortably make the most of the day on the reef, wrecks, offshore or in the Gulf of Mexico. The boat also has a toilet and padded seating in the enclosed cabin which keeps you dry and comfortable even on rough days.

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Capt. Rick Cannon

26’ Goldline

Captain Rick Cannon was born and raised in South Florida. He has been fishing his entire life throughout Florida but mainly in the Florida Keys. His professional career has had him here at Robbie’s for the past 14 years. He has guided anglers to 5 IGFA Line Class Records and has caught 6 of his own IFGA records. Captain Cannon fishes from his 26′ custom built Goldline to accommodate four anglers comfortably. Captain Cannon’s ideal fishing trip is to catch his customers “A tarpon of a lifetime!”

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Capt. Jason Katsikas

20’ Pioneer

Growing up in Atlantic Beach, Fl, Captain Jason became an avid fisherman acquiring 12 years of experience pursuing a variety of salt water species. He moved to Islamorada in 2006 and began fishing the reefs and wrecks full time. Fishing with him, you never know what species you might encounter. The variety of species available is why the realm of reef/wreck fishing is his favorite. Captain Jason believes it is important to teach anglers of all ages and skill levels during their fishing adventure while putting together a great catch and fun fishing trip. He enjoys customizing trips to include snorkeling, eco-tours, and a variety of other activities in addition to catching fish. He values his clients and always makes sure they have a pleasurable experience.

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Capt. Mike Patterson

18’ Action Craftmike-paterson

Born in Baltimore Maryland and raised in Westminster, Mike began fishing in a small stream behind his house at the age of 4. Growing up in Maryland give him many opportunities to fish in ponds, streams, lakes, the Atlantic Ocean, and let’s not forget the Chesapeake Bay. Mike’s career choice was an electrician but at the age of 26 Mike had a terrible accident. Mike was still limited as to the things he could do, so with his love for the water Mike changed his career and learned to scuba dive and soon became a dive instructor. With his knowledge for fishing, diving and love for the water he moved to Islamorada “The Sportfishing Capital of the World”, in the Florida Keys, and ran a dive shop and soon after bought an offshore boat and started a Fishing Charter business. Sailfish became his fish of choice. Mike competed in every tournament in town and won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in almost every tournament that he competed in. So then it was time to try backcountry and flats fishing, after 1 year Mike sold his off shore boat and became a full time Backcountry Fishing Guide, winning many backcountry tournaments and is still backcountry fishing today. Mike has had the opportunity to be a Fishing Guide for a past President, sports heroes, actors, senators and some very interesting fishermen and enjoys every minute of it. You could sit for hours and hear all the interesting stories that Mike has to offer about events, people, and some pretty interesting situations he has come to find himself in. This is what led Mike to The American Outdoorsman and is very honored to be a member of the “Pro Staff”. He is looking forward to bringing his passion and knowledge of fishing to The American Outdoorsman. Mike has been a fishing guide for about 30 years now. He made a full recovery from his near death accident and by looking at him today you would never know that it even happened. He continues to live his life to the fullest and is thankful for every day he has.

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Capt. Ron Howell

21’ Hydra Sport

Hi, I’m Captain Ron Howell. Most folks will remember me as one of the captains on the Captain Michael. I ran her for 5 years. Anyways, I’ve fished the Florida keys for the last 35 years. I now have my own boats, a bay boat which I fish Florida bay, Everglades National Park and the near shore waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic. I specialize in Snook, redfish, tripletail, and sea trout and have an intimate knowledge of the creeks and sounds of our estuaries. I also have a flats skiff to fish the “skinny waters” where I target bonefish, permit and sight fish tarpon. I look forward to taking you to catch that fish of a lifetime or just take in the beauty and catch some dinner with the family! I’ve guided anglers to victories in tournaments such as the Redbone, super fly and take stock in children. Again I look forward to fishing you.

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Capt. Samantha Zeher

21’ Deck Boat

Captain Samantha is a local resident with a large knowledge base of the Islamorada area. She was born in Florida and grew up playing on the waters off of Lower Matecumbe. She learned to fish and snorkel at a young age and took a liking to the marine habitat. Samantha went on to study Marine Biology at Barry University and earned her degree in May 2009. She loves being on the water and enjoys educating people about the importance of the marine environment

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Capt. TJ Zinkand

18′ Hewes

Capt. TJ Zinkand was born in South Florida and grew up fishing all of the surrounding waters. He spent most of his days fishing with his Grandfather and Dad learning the skills to catch redfish, snook, and tarpon. With Capt. TJ’s love for fishing he also learned the art of fishing offshore for sailfish and dolphin. Even though Capt. TJ is a younger captain, his experience of fishing and navigating the waters in Islamorada, The Florida Bay, and Miami is tremendous. A Day on the water with Capt. TJ will be exciting, adventurous and will give you the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime.

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capt-proenza-boatcapt-proenzaCapt. George Proenza

27’ World Cat

My Grandfather and Father passed the fishing bug to me near a half century ago. I can remember having some type of fishing apparatus in my hands from the time my memories began. In the past 40 or so years I have fished areas from Ft. Lauderdale to the Dry Tortugas and also the western Bahamas. In the last 15 years, I have become a permanent resident of Islamorada and have had the great honor of fishing and befriending some of the living legends of the area. I have studied and learned the little nuances that make or break the bites. In the past 8 years, I fished numerous backcountry and offshore fishing tournaments. As an angler, I won the Red Bone and placed with top anglers several times. 5 years ago, I decided it was time to get my Captain’s License with the US Coast Guard and take others on my adventures. Since then I have taken the time to establish a safe and complete vessel for all to enjoy. Whether you are first time anglers or world class big game fisherman, I will make it a great and safe trip.

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Capt. Matt Bellinger

matt bellingermatt bellingerCapt. Matt Bellinger moved to the Florida Keys in 1990 and found a home in Islamorada. Working as a PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer for a PADI 5 Star Instructor Center, Capt. Matt taught diving and coordinated the daily diving operations of a full service dive charter center. After two years he bought the dive center and continued in the day to day business of teaching diving, maintaining two dive boats and the intricate care of SCUBA gear. Always in the hands on position of teaching and captaining daily dive charters, Capt. Matt brought professionalism and hospitality to work every day. Always a fisherman Capt. Matt would jump on a backcountry skiff and head into the nearby waters of the Everglades National Park. As time went on he began to offer fishing and sightseeing adventures into the backcountry. In 1998 Capt. Matt was offered more money than he thought the charter operation was worth and sold it to his staff members! Who wouldn’t? Finding himself now unemployed and sitting on his 18 foot backcountry skiff Capt. Matt began running fishing charters full time and Bamboo Charters was born. Capt. Matt Bellinger is a U.S.C.G. licensed captain, PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer emeritus and will soon finish classes to attain his Master Naturalist certificate from the University of Florida. Capt. Matt’s passion for the Florida Key’s marine environment is deep seated in his soul. This can be seen on any charter that he runs on any given day. Capt. Matt will tell you “There is so much more to a fishing charter than just catching fish, there is so much that makes the trip memorable. It begins with introducing to and educating my anglers about this very special and fragile ecosystem and ends with catching memories that are disguised as fish! The Florida Keys is home to the greatest fishing Captains and Guides in the world, I feel it’s my approach to the whole environment and relating this to my guests that make me stand out amongst my peers.” Come to the Florida Keys as a visitor and you will leave as a friend!

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