Location Shoots

purpledockWhether you’re shooting film or photos, Robbie’s offers the perfect backdrop and location for your location shoots in the Florida Keys.

Robbie’s of Islamorada is world famous for its fishing and tarpon feeding, but its got a secret: it is on a beautifully located piece of old Keys-style property. This brings photographers, advertising agencies and film crews from around the world to shoot at this low-key slice of paradise. Desirably located inside the continental US, it is an easy drive destination for those working inside the States, a short jaunt down the road from the Miami media mecca and a great deal for our friends abroad. Not only can you take advantage of our eclectically decorated land property, but you can move your film needs to the sea on one of our many awaiting boats, too. We also have an onsite wardrobe-changing facility. Call us at 305-664-8070 or e-mail us at booth@www.robbies.com to book our beautiful location for your fabulous shoot.

Not only can we fill your visual media needs, but with our on site restaurant we can satisfy your stomachs as well.


Take a look at photos of some of our past visitors

Abercrombie & Fitch stopped by to shoot for their Summer 2000 catalog

Boston Proper stopped by in summer 2009 to a catalog shoot

Pat Ford stopped by to tease our tarpon with a fly

Professional and Amateur Photographers alike come here to capture the stunning natural beauty of the property