Backcountry Fishing

We are located in the most ideal location in the Florida Keys to satisfy all of your angling desires. The Everglades National Park is a short boat ride away. The park has a great fishery. Snook, Jack Crevalle, Redfish, Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon to name a few. All can be caught in these magnificent estuaries and flats that the back country of the Florida Keys are famous for.

Backcountry fishing in islamoradaIslamorada backcountry fishing


Imagine casting a live shrimp towards a tree stump at the edge of a mangrove island. Egrets and White Pelicans watch the action from the trees above. Slowly retrieving your bait, suddenly you feel a solid thump, you reel down and set the hook! Your rod doubles over from the pressure and then an enormous Snook shakes its head out of the water violently in an attempt to rid itself of the hook. In a froth of white water, the 42-inch Snook lands back in the water and then rips off 50 yards of line against a tight drag. It runs adjacent to the shoreline looking for the nearest root or oyster clump to wrap your line around. You apply maximum pressure and are able to turn your trophy. Several head thrashing jumps later, your guide nets the Monster Snook for a few pictures and releases her to fight another day. Your guide says, “Nice fish, let’s do it again?”

Backcountry fishing in islamoradaIslamorada backcountry fishing

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