Islamorada Split Charters available on the DirtyBoat


Islamorada Fishing Charters available on the DirtyBoat

Captain Joe Saba & Captain Kit Carson

46′ Hatteras

DirtyBoat Captain Joe Saba was born and raised in South Florida. His love affair with everything salty started with snorkeling for lobster off the family property just south of here when he was 5 years old.
He has been a staple at Robbie’s in Islamorada for years, starting as a mate on the Captain Michael Party Boat at 16. As he gained more and more experience, he made the transition to offshore mate. Now skippering his own boat, his many years of experience on Islamorada Lady and Islamorada Lady II have proven invaluable.
Captain Joe’s DirtyBoat is a 46’ Hatteras with an enclosed cabin providing comfortable seating and a walk-in bathroom. DirtyBoat’s large cockpit can fish as many as six anglers comfortably, and includes wrap-around seating outside.
A day on the open sea with Joe will not soon be forgotten. He is a people person and enjoys putting people on the fish.
Whether he is catching dolphin in the summer or sailfish in the winter, Joe will show you a great time every time.

Captain Kit Carson

From software engineer to Captain: The best decision of my life to date.

I am most thankful for each and every day since the fall of 2015 to go out on the water and fish. Yes, it’s hard work and the hours are long. But at the end of the day, knowing I have helped people live their dreams of landing that one big fish or even just catching a few for dinner makes it all worth it. It’s a sincere privilege.

No, it’s not for everyone. There have been sacrifices on this journey — cutting short family vacations or not taking vacations at all, foregoing coveted weekends, skipping exciting Saturday nights on the town, being gone from loved ones days or weeks at a time.

Being a Captain isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. Getting out of bed every morning at 5 o’clock to be on the water 8 to 12 hours takes a toll on the body and mind. When all of the elements are against us, you can rest assured we will go the extra mile and do whatever it takes — from sunup to sundown — to make your day a memorable one.

A client once told me the DirtyBoat is in the business of creating memories. I couldn’t agree more. Our motto: Making Memories That Last a Lifetime!

Our goal: The fish story you’ll tell friends and family the rest of your life!

In this short time I’ve worked with Joe, my life has changed completely and forever. The people I’ve met, the relationships I’ve made, the fish we’ve caught and the lessons I’ve learned will never be taken for granted. I want to express my deep gratitude and thank sincerely each and every person who has make it possible for me to do what I love, what I do best.
And to those of you looking for a boat and crew to take you out on the beautiful open waters off Islamorada to make your special memories, please consider me and Captain Joe for the privilege. I know you will come away with the same thrill, the same emotion, the same fulfillment I do every trip.

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