Diving Captains

Capt. John Ciulla

30’ Hydro Cat

“As a diver and fisherman in Florida for over 30 years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing life on our waters in the purest way.  I have been fortunate enough to have access to the ocean on an intimate and local level.  By this I mean as a part of a small group.  While I have a tremendous love and respect for all sea life, I am an avid spear fisherman and lobster diver and enjoy all aspects of my time on the water.  In 2010 I obtained the current record for largest grouper in the SBO spear fishing tournament history.  This was a day for me to remember, getting the fish of a life time on a tournament day.  The experiences and stories I have been fortunate enough to share with others are a huge part of my life.

My goal is to bring these kinds of memories to our clients by providing a similar atmosphere and approach to diving and fishing.  Our company is a private charter operation.  We do not take more than six passengers on any occasion.  Our trips can be tailored to your needs on any level.  Don’t think of your charter with us as being run of the mill or status quo, think of it as your day on the water to be treated as individuals and enjoy it the way you want to, the way I always have.”