Reef / Wreck Fishing Charters

Some of the best fishing to be had in the Florida Keys lies miles from shore, it’s what we call Reef fishing. In minutes you’ll be on top of mutton snapper, yellowtail, grouper, mackerel and other fun fighting, good tasting fish. Whether its summer or winter these coral outcroppings hold fish. These trips are great fun for everyone whether you are a serious angler looking for that trophy fish for the wall or a family out for an exciting day of rod bending action this is the trip for you.

You simply can’t go wrong on the reefs if you like mixed bag fishing. You’ll be inside the barrier reef, mostly fishing in 12 to 35 feet. Out of Robbie’s, for instance, Alligator reef begins at about 3.5 miles, the average depth from the shore to the reef is 15-45 feet. With good water clarity, you can easily sight the shallower patches by their dark coloration. Our experienced guides grew up fishing these coral outcroppings. This is light tackle fishing at its finest. Imagine a 26 inch mutton snapper on 12 pound test, but reel fast and keep him from rocking you up on the bottom! o Traveling a bit further out to some of the deeper Wrecks, you can find larger Mutton Snapper, Grouper and Amberjacks. With the Wrecks only being 3-5 miles offshore it is a short boat ride to much larger species.

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Reef / Wreck Fishing Captains and Rates

*Dirty Boat*
46′ Hatteras – Capt. Joe Saba
$800 Half Day $1,000 ¾ Day $1,200 Full Day

*Go Time*
26’ Mako – Capt. Galon H. Johnson
$550 Half Day $750 ¾ Day $900 Full Day
$850 ¾ Day Offshore $1,000 Full Day Offshore

25’ Parker – Capt. Brian McCadie
$550 Half Day $750 ¾ Day $900 Full Day

*Blue Heaven*
32’ Regulator – Capt. Skye Stanley
$700 Half Day $900 ¾ Day $1,100 Full Day

*Fishin Pole*

34’ Sea Vee – Capt. Arek Wojcik
$700 Half Day $900 ¾ Day $1,100 Full Day

33’ World Cat – Capt. Brian Cone
$750 Half Day $950 ¾ Day $1,200 Full Day


27’ World Cat – Capt. George Proenza DC
$600 Half Day $750 ¾ Day $900 Full Day

30’ Hydro Cat – Capt. John Ciulla
$550 Half Day $800 ¾ Day $1,000 Full Day

Patch Reef Fishing Captains and Rates

Capt. Rick Cannon
26’ Goldline (up to four anglers)
$450-$500 Half Day Patch Reef $450-$500 Half Day Tarpon/Shark

Capt. Jason Katiskas
20’ Pioneer (up to four anglers)
$450 Half Day Patch Reef $450-$500 Half Day Tarpon/Shark

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